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Safe Pranks

Food Fun on April Fool's Day

Safe Pranks are the best good hearted practical jokes you can pull off. My mom was always good at pulling some sort of April Fools food prank, if by dinner we hadn't been hit, were looking in our beds fast and furious for her trick. This particular morning, flap jacks were being made and both my brother and I were very hungry after a previous day of hard work with Dad. She served up big stacks, we poured our syrup and dug in. To our astonishment we couldn't cut them!! She snuck in and fried up those pancakes with a paper towel hidden in, all cooked up, nice as can be. Luckily, and to our relief, she had more in the oven.

Crazy Breakfast  

Another food trick, crazy breakfast - frozen milk, vinegar for apple juice, string in the apple sauce, mayonnaise for yogurt, salt in the sugar bowl... it's a sure way to start a crazy day.

Super Soaker Kitchen 

This is a good one for mom - if your kitchen sink has a spray nozzle, use a rubber band to secure it in the "on" position and then ask someone to get you a drink of water. When the water is turned on, they get sprayed!

Time to Rise and Shine!  

this is a great one for kids, if April Fool's day is on the weekend, start the day by waking your kids up like any other school day and go thru the routine, just like any other school day. Drive them to school and just before pulling up to the school, announce April Fools! If it's not a weekend, set all the clocks in the house 1 hour early and get everyone up, rushing around like you've over slept.

A Jock's Joke  

Get a bunch of strong jocks to pick up an underclassman's car and move it to another lot or make it difficult to drive out of the parking space. Be careful not to get caught, school officials will definitely frown on this. And be sure, you have those volunteers on hand to help move the car back.


A total time-waster but harmless. Fill a bunch of paper cups half full of water and put it on someone's desk - at the office. If you have enough, it would take some time to set up, but equal time to pour them all out.

Leave a Message  

Take your friends cell phone and tape it under a chair, under a desk,or hide it somewhere safe and then start calling. Watch them try to find the phone. too funny!!

Greasy Slippery Handles  

Grease up door handles, keys, jar covers, and anything else you can safely smear hand lotion or vaseline on. This is a safe but disgusting prank. Just be careful where you smear this onto as to not damage anything.

Salt on the Toothbrush Trick  

Wet your victim's tooth brush and then dab it into salt. Shake off the extra and place it back. It's sure to to be noticed -- after they start brushing. Safe and harmless and fun!

More Salty Tricks  

Replace sugar with salt - Imagine the look on everyone's face when they add it into coffee, tea, or cereal. It's absolutely safe and definitely will wake everyone up in the morning!

Dude, Your Car!  

A not so nice way to freak out your roommate or best friend. Sprinkle sugar around the gas cap and ground so it looks like someone put sugar in the gas tank. Be extremely careful to not get any sugar in the gas tank because sugar can cause extreme motor damage if it gets mixed into the gas! Because of this, the illusion of it being done can cause your victim to panic. Another car prank option is to leave a note saying "I'm sorry, I hit your car!" The idea here is to lead your victim into believing that something happened to their car when in fact it didn't happen at all.

Extra Special Juice  

Fill a pitcher of water and add food coloring. Place it back into the fridge. Try hard not to laugh when your victim pours a glass of it to drink because it's not what they expect!.

Another fun water trick, fill a water glass and place a piece of paper, cardboard or plastic over the top. Flip the cup upside down on a flat surface, glass table or smooth counter. Now, pull the cover out from under the cup. The water should stay in the cup, the water will form a vacuum and stay put. Clean up any spilled water and place it in an area that's not too obvious. Definitely a fun trick for little kids, outside. Don't try this with koolaide or milk, in the house!

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